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BioNSW appoints inaugural Board of Directors

BioNSW, the newly formed New South Wales Life Sciences industry association, is excited to announce their inaugural Board of Directors which will help direct and build the organisation’s first full year agenda and strategy for 2024/25.

Comprised of industry leaders from a diverse range of contributing sectors, the Board consists of 8 Non-Executive Directors joining founders Dr Brad Walsh and Anthony Murray.  Between them, they bring a breadth of experience and a network that will help shape BioNSW’s strategy and advocacy plans.

“The establishment of the BioNSW Board is a major milestone for the organisation and helps cement our connection between innovator, industry and Government to support the growth of the Life Sciences sector”, said Anthony Murray, BioNSW Chair. 

“We’re extremely fortunate to have a team of distinguished names who are clearly committed to supporting and promoting the fantastic scientific innovation across the whole state.”

Newly appointed Vice-Chair, Dr Brad Walsh, added: “We’re grateful to Ian Adams for taking on the initial Company Secretary role and proud that such an experienced group of busy people are passionate enough about the Life Sciences industry in NSW to commit time and effort to bring value to all our members and the broader sector.”

Founding Board of BioNSW (in alphabetical order):

  • Ian Adams (Company Secretary), Non-Executive Director/Consultant

  • Dr Michael Christie, Spruson & Ferguson

  • Kathy Connell, Korn Ferry

  • Dr Shanny Dyer, Non-Executive Director/Consultant

  • Dr Mark Flynn, Sounds Scouts

  • Dr Julia Hill, Children’s Medical Research Institute

  • Dr Julie Ince-Demetriou, BioCollab

  • Dr Dharmica Mistry, MTPConnect

  • Anthony Murray, Opyl

  • Dr Brad Walsh, Minomic International/GlyTherix Ltd

The announcement of BioNSW’s Board precedes confirmation of several, NSW state-based sector Committees that will provide leadership across the areas of biotechnology, medical device, investment, commercialisation, digital technology and manufacturing.  As a result of initial extensive engagement efforts in 2023, these Committees will play a vital role in meeting the Sector demand for:

  • Amplified collaboration: Fostering connections and joint initiatives that drive progress.

  • Enhanced transparency: Shining a light on industry trends and opportunities.

  • Powerful government advocacy: Championing the sector's needs at the highest levels.


Interstate Collaboration

BioNSW has recently announced a Memorandum of Understanding with the equivalent Sector associations in Victoria (BioMelbourne Network) and Queensland (Life Sciences Queensland).  This partnership acknowledges the shared principles and collaboration opportunities through a connected interstate Life Sciences network.

Collaboration on events in 2023 with AusBiotech, ARCS Australia and MTPConnect have already supported BioNSW’s key role as the Sector’s connective tissue in the State.


About BioNSW

BioNSW, established in 2023, stands as a dynamic non-profit association propelling the state's life sciences sector to new heights. As a non-government industry advocate, BioNSW will foster connections, celebrate achievements, and champion the immense potential of NSW in scientific breakthroughs and groundbreaking ideas. Through strategic events and innovative digital solutions, BioNSW will empower innovators, investors, industry leaders, and government stakeholders to collaborate and unlock the vast potential within NSW’s life sciences ecosystem.


For more information, please reach Anthony Murray at Anthony@BioNSW.Org 


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