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Post-Event Recap: BioNSW's Successful MedTech Delegation Meeting

On November 13th, BioNSW had the pleasure of hosting a MedTech delegation from The Department of Employment & Economic Development of the Minnesota Trade Office. The event, hosted by Korn Ferry, brought together a diverse network of BioNSW members eager to engage with and explore opportunities presented by the visiting delegation. This unique gathering provided a platform for fostering innovation partnerships, conducting industry research, and strengthening between the Minnesotan and Australian companies.

Hosted by Kathy and Brad

The event showcased the dynamic and collaborative spirit of the BioNSW community, with participants actively engaging in conversations that spanned a wide array of topics, from the latest advancements in MedTech to the intricacies of forging international partnerships.

BioNSW seeks to play a pivotal role in fostering such events that underscore the importance of creating platforms for industry players to connect, share insights, and explore mutually beneficial opportunities. The positive energy and enthusiasm generated at this event set the stage for future endeavours, and BioNSW looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting collaboration and growth within the vibrant NSW Life Sciences landscape.

Delegation Discussion

Delegation Discussion


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