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NSW has clear space for a representative, independent, non-Government and Non-For-Profit body that will:

  • Provide advocacy and a sustainable, consistent voice

  • Catalyse entrepreneurship and collaboration in bioscience innovation

  • Seed and connect the state’s industry network

  • Drive thought-leadership and knowledge sharing

  • Focus Life Sciences industry recruitment, postings and job growth

  • Promote and proactively showcase Life Sciences using one of the most recognizable global brands – iconic NSW

  • Refine focus on industry equity action, gender equity and importance of indigenous participation

BioNSW was officially launched in August 2023 to help connect and celebrate Life Sciences across the state.

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BioNSW aims to connect, represent and promote the state's Life Sciences sector.

Covering innovators, investment and industry across therapeutic, device, digital and manufacturing sectors, our team will champion NSW ideas and talent.


The BioNSW board and committees, spanning almost 50 local volunteers and industry leaders, are building an organisation that will produce nuanced, targeted events, normalise authentic sector advocacy to Government and promote NSW as an attractive, welcoming destination for investment and research.

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