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September: A Formative Month!

Following our launch in August, September has proven a formative month for the development and - we can now say - growth of BioNSW.

Firstly, we're officially official! BioNSW is an incorporated association and legal non-for-profit. Our inaugural constitution has been written and due for review on establishment of a board - more on that shortly.

Thanks to Holly Pobjie and the Strategic Ventures team at the University of Sydney, we'll soon be welcoming a fantastic intern as our first staff member. This collaboration with the Media & Communications course will help cement our outreach cadence and ambitious digital plans! We're excited to announce their addition in the next week or so.

BioNSW also launched an introductory membership offering, exploring a more individualised focus to subscriptions and association value. We've already welcomed the Children's Medical Research Institute, Sonic Clinical Trials and Spruson & Ferguson as corporate partners, with several other organisations due to confirm their participation.

We've been delighted by the response to our Expression Of Interest outreach, with over 30 applications and counting. Exploring a board and industry committees to help frame our first few years has been helped by the valued contribution of experienced, forward-thinking industry professionals. BioNSW Co-Founders Brad Walsh and Anthony Murray will soon be supported (and overseen) by committed volunteers who share a collaborative ethic.

Speaking of partnerships, BioNSW confirmed a MoU with ARCS Australia this month - our thanks to ADELE HOSSEINI PhD and their out-going CEO Shanny Dyer for their support and friendship. We're thrilled to bring together ARCS and AusBiotech in organising an End-Of-Year social event for members. Venue details are due soon, you can RSVP here.

Thank you for your continued interest and support! Please get in touch with us for all queries through our website.


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