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BioNSW Launches to Connect and Celebrate Life Sciences Industry in New South Wales

BioNSW, a new startup dedicated to connecting and celebrating the life sciences industry in New South Wales, announced its launch this month. The company will provide a platform for life sciences businesses, researchers and investors to connect, share ideas and collaborate.

“New South Wales is home to a thriving life sciences industry, with world-leading research institutions, innovative businesses and a supportive ecosystem,” said Anthony Murray, Co-Founder of BioNSW. “We believe that BioNSW can play a vital role in helping this industry grow and thrive.”

BioNSW will offer a variety of services to its members, including networking events, education meetings, highlighting funding opportunities alongside useful digital resources. The non-for-profit will also work to promote the NSW life sciences industry to policymakers and further afield.

“We are excited to launch BioNSW and to help connect and celebrate the life sciences industry in New South Wales,” said Anthony, who helps lead health research digital agency Opyl. “We believe that this industry has the potential to fill skills gaps, drive local growth and ultimately improve health outcomes for all.”

“New South Wales is home to a vibrant group of businesses across the life science spectrum, but there is no single organization that brings them together. BioNSW will fill this gap and help to connect and celebrate the life sciences industry across the state”, adds Brad Walsh, BioNSW Co-Founder and CEO of local biotechs GlyTherix and Minomic International.

BioNSW is modelled after similar organizations in other Australian states, such as BioMelbourne Network and Life Sciences Queensland. The organisation is headquartered in Sydney, but it will add focus on innovation and commercialisation in Newcastle and Wollongong.

Anthony and Brad will formally launch the organisation in the Sydney CBD next Thursday, August 24th at an event supported by renowned Intellectual Property firm, Spruson & Ferguson. They welcome anyone interested in joining BioNSW to attend or get in touch through their website:


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